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Medical marijuana treats a myriad of ailments common among veterans. Veterans Cannabis Care will guide you through the entire Florida medical marijuana process allowing you to go to the dispensary the same day you see the doctor, 100% FREE of charge.
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100% Free

We don’t charge for your medical marijuana screening appointment, and we’ll also cover your annual medical marijuana state registration fee.


Potential patients are pre-qualified by phone to ensure they meet the qualifying conditions for use of meidcal marijuana.

Education & Guidance

We’ll teach you about how to use cannabis to treat your specific ailments, different usage methods, how to read your state profile, and more.

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650 Veterans Helped

In the last two years, we’ve helped more than 650 veterans save over $185,000 in fees—not to mention the physical and mental relief that cannabis use has brought to them.

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About Us

Welcome to Veterans Cannabis Care

Mission: to offer veterans an all-natural alternative to traditional medicine through cannabis by offering FREE access to the Florida Medical Marijuana program. We’re passionate about providing our nation’s heroes with the care they need at no charge.

Veterans Cannabis Care was founded in 2021 and became the first nonprofit in Florida to offer first-time patient appointments free to veterans. The initial state registration fee is also covered, and we hope to cover costs for follow-up appointments as our funding grows.

Veterans Cannabis Care was founded to give veterans a chance at a better quality of life through cannabis.

Too many veterans are living on a fixed income and cannot afford the costs associated with obtaining a Florida medical marijuana card. Veterans also currently make up almost 25% of the nation’s unhoused population and have more than double the suicide rate of non-veterans.

We believe cannabis can be a far more beneficial treatment for the mental and physical ailments that affect veterans than traditional big pharma drugs.

Are you ready for relief?

Our Services

We serve all military veterans who are permanent or seasonal Florida residents.

Pre-Screening Process

Potential patients are pre-qualified by phone to ensure they meet the Florida Department of Health qualifying conditions for use of Medical Marijuana.

Visit Our Doctor

Every patient meets with our doctor to discuss their current conditions, medical history, past treatments, past cannabis use and will be approved during their consultation.

Online Registration

We complete all your registration with the Florida Medical Marijuana Use Registry. This ensures everything is correct and that you will be able to go to the dispensary the same day you are approved by the doctor.

Cannabis Education

We educate every customer who comes through our doors on the most responsible ways to use medical marijuana. We’ll give you recommendations on dosage, usage methods, products and dispensaries.

They are committed to helping our community, especially veterans. I was skeptical about all of this. I now wish I had made my appointment sooner. They make you comfortable and treat you like a patient. All my concerns were addressed without skipping a beat. I couldn't be more satisfied with my experience. I not only recommend this Doctor (and staff), I think we have a responsibility to ourselves and our loved ones to at least explore these herbal/medicinal treatment options.

Jaime Reyes

VETERANS THIS IS YOUR SPOT. Vets, don’t miss this opportunity. It is legit. I was given a temporary card before leaving and was able to go shopping right out the door. All in all I could not have asked for a better or easier experience. Great people, great office.

Christine AC

VETERANS definitely need to go here!!! My husband walked out with his card and straight to the dispensary we went! The staff was friendly and it was a pleasure to have a veterans even! Thank you thank you thank you.

Jasmine Flood

I drove 3 hours away and Elizabeth and Joe and Dr. Jose stayed late to make sure I was taken care of. This whole team is amazing and fun. Recommend to anybody, especially veterans!

Chris Symonds

Today was my first visit at this establishment and the staff made me feel incredibly comfortable the entire time. I am a veteran and I am very happy with the knowledge and kindness that was given to me once I walked in the door. I highly suggest this place to all disabled veterans like myself.


If I could give this place 10 stars I would. From the initial sign up process to the end it was excellent customer service. The care they gave me as a veteran was top notch. The doctor had the best bed side manner and talked to me liked he really cared about my health. Everything was smooth and I would recommend this clinic to anyone looking into Medical Marijuana.

Connie Lawton

Dedicated in helping veterans receive their medical card. The staff was very informative and made me very comfortable in this process.

Tracy McLendon

Hey everyone I’m a veteran and a friend of mine recommend me to them. Simply made a phone call and scheduled my appointment. And everything was covered (free) the process was simple in and out maybe 15-20 mins.

Edward Castillo

They break everything down especially for a newbie like me. And it was all free! So helpful and a great resource for veterans especially. I’m so glad I saw their ad on social media and made an appointment.

Diane Ocasio

Great experience at this office. If you're a veteran this is where you want to get your card. They treat you with care and respect. Very knowledgeable staff willing to answer any questions. Got a temp card same day. I recommend to anyone. Thank you!

Ramon Valentine

I would highly recommend this to any veteran that wishes to seek a more of a holistic approach to treating pain.

C. Rod


Hear what some of our visitors have had to say about working with Veteran Cannabis Care.

What Can Marijuana Be Used to Treat?

Cannabis is used to treat a variety of conditions in veterans, just as it is for the general population. The effectiveness will vary from person to person, which is why we work with you to find the best intake methods for your conditions.

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Studies suggest that medical marijuana can help reduce anxiety and nightmares associated with PTSD.

Traumatic Brain Injury

Medical marijuana can be very efficient in treating headaches, migraines, trouble sleeping, and cognitive impairment that resulted from a traumatic head injury.

Chronic Pain

Chronic pain needs a natural, non-addictive treatment plan, which is why medical marijuana is such a wonderful program for veterans.

Anxiety & Depression

Many veterans struggle with their mental health, and medical marijuana can help alleviate some of these symptoms and provide you more peace of mind.

Medical marijuana has also been shown to help treat symptoms of:

Donate to Veterans Cannabis Care

Veterans Cannabis Care is a nonprofit organization dedicated to helping veterans get the care they need at as little cost as possible. We currently cover all initial appointment and registration fees for veterans and strive to cover renewal costs as well. 

How to Use Medical Marijuana

There are several ways you can use cannabis to treat your symptoms, and at Veteran Cannabis Care, we make sure each of our patients is educated about their best options. During each of your visits with our doctor, we’ll educate you on the various delivery methods available to you, warn you about possible overdosing, and discuss different possible side effects of all methods and strands.





SmokingImmediate2 to 4 hoursThe most traditional cannabis method, inhaling smoke from dried marijuana flowers.
VapingImmediate2 to 4 hoursVaporizing marijuana concentrates and oils. Discreet, portable, and easy to use.
Edibles1 to 2 hours2 to 8 hoursMarijuana-infused foods such as gummies and chocolates.
OralsImmediateUp to 8 hoursTinctures and oils absorbed under the tongue.
Topicals5 to 20 minutesN/ACreams, ointments, and lotions applied directly to the skin with no psychoactive effects.
SublingualsImmediateQuick relief (Duration not specified)Lower dosage tinctures and oils absorbed under the tongue.


The most traditional cannabis method, smoking provides an immediate onset of effects and lasts two to four hours.


Discreet, portable, and easy to use. Vaping has an immediate effect and lasts two to four hours.


Marijuana-infused foods usually take one to two hours to take effect and last between two to eights hours.


Tinctures and oils absorbed under the tongue, with immediate effects that last up to eight hours.


Creams, ointments, and lotions applied directly to the skin and with no psychoactive effects.


Lower dosage tinctures and oils absorbed under the tongue for immediate effect and quick relief.

Frequently Asked Questions

In Florida, you're required to renew your registration with the state once a year, and visit a medical marijuana licensed doctor every seven months to keep your account active.

Because marijuana is still federally illegal, doctors at the VA are not allowed to discuss it with you. At VCC, we require only proof of military service, and you will discuss your medical history with our staff doctor.

The list of qualifying medical conditions varies by state. Common qualifying conditions for medical marijuana include chronic pain, PTSD, cancer, multiple sclerosis, and epilepsy. At VCC, we do a pre-screening phone call to ensure you’ll qualify before you come in for your appointment.

Medical records help the doctor better understand your history. However, they are not mandatory and will not affect your approval.

The proper dosage will vary for each person and each delivery method. At VCC, we’ll give you recommendations about dosage amounts, usage methods, products, and dispensaries.

No, we do not sell any forms of cannabis on site, but we will educate you about Florida’s numerous dispensaries, their ordering and payment methods, prices, and sales. 

The VA has clarified that veterans will not lose their VA benefits or face legal consequences for using medical marijuana as long as it is in accordance with state laws. 

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